New Products for Driving Coffee Sales

coffee machine

Much of the talk in the coffee category centers around cold brew and its sophisticated brother nitro brew. While each is showing significant growth in cafe circles, they remain minor players in the $48 billion—according to the Specialty Coffee Association—U.S. coffee market.

Beyond the headlines of these trendy drinks, the number of Americans drinking a daily cup of traditional coffee—hot or iced, packaged or dispensed—still prevails mightily, as demand continues to get a boost from at-home consumption and gourmet options, according to results of a survey commissioned by New York-based National Coffee Association.

Sixty-four percent of Americans age 18 or older said they had a cup of coffee the previous day in the early months of 2018. That compares with 62% in 2017 and was roughly on par with levels last seen in 2012.

Demand for gourmet coffee, which includes espresso-based beverages and ready-to-drink, was steady relative to 2017 levels. The segment continued to get a boost from younger drinkers, with 48% of millennials indicating that they had a cup of coffee they consider to be gourmet the day before.

“There’s been a huge shift toward gourmet in the U.S.,” market consultant Michael Edwards said during a presentation at the coffee association’s recent conference.

Click through to read the buzz on six coffee brands making the rounds.

1. Folgers

1850 coffee

A new line of premium coffee, Folgers 1850 draws on the brand’s rich heritage, having been founded during the1850 California Gold Rush. The product features a bold but smooth taste to appeal not only to traditional Folgers drinkers but also to a younger generation of consumers, the company said. Initially available in April in roasted and ground, whole-bean prepack bags and K-Cup pods, 1850 is made from a special blend of 100% fire-roasted and steel-cut Arabica coffee beans. A ready-to-drink line extension—Smucker’s first significant entry into the bottled-coffee segment—will follow in summer 2018.

2. Nestle USA

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Nestle USA recently assumed a majority 68% stake in Oakland, Calif.-based Blue Bottle Coffee, which is expected to help the Swiss global giant “expand an existing foothold [in the U.S.] built around Nescafe and Nespresso line of products. The investment is also meant to shore up the company’s presence in North America, where it has struggled,” according to a recent report in The New York Times.

3. Keurig Green Mountain

revv k-cup

Revv K-Cup coffee pods from Keurig Green Mountain is a series of rich and balanced, dark-roasted varieties loaded with the strongest coffee possible, according to the manufacturer. It comes in No Surrender, a bold, smooth dark roast; Afterburner, a rich, smoky dark roast; and Turbocharger, an extra-bold, robust dark roast.

4. Boyd Coffee

boyds coffee

In partnership with Canadian coffee roaster Club Coffee, Boyd Coffee has launched a 100% compostable, single-serve coffee pod on the West Coast. The soft pouch generates less waste than other portion packs while delivering a fresh coffee aroma and flavor with full extraction, according to the company. The single-serve pod is made from more than 90% renewable resources, and its ring is made from coffee chaff.

5. KonaRed

kona red

KonaRed, maker of premium Hawaiian coffees, has jumped on the cold-brew trend. It recently unveiled new labels and multiserve 32-ounce bottles for its ready-to-drink KonaRed Cold Brew Coffees. Traditional blends or cold brew, all of Kona’s coffees originate from the sloped terrain in Kona, Hawaii, and are hand-picked and roasted in small batches to ensure consistency and freshness.

6. Java House

java house rtd

Java House has several solutions for retailers’ dispensed- and packaged-beverage sections, including Java House Colombian Black Pure Concentrate, which allows operators to create any batch size on demand with no mess. Shelf-stable for 12 months, the product is recommended for preparation in an urn for customer self-service. Java House Ready to Drink Colombian Black is an ideal solution for retailers that prepare coffee in the back of house or behind a coffee bar.