On Top Whipped Toppings

richs on top soft whip
Foodservice toppings
Varieties added to line of toppings for drinks, desserts and more.

Rich’s is adding four varieties to its line of On Top Whipped Toppings. On Top Soft Whip is a thinner, lighter, drinkable topping that floats on top of beverages. Ready to use in a pourable carton, it adds a sweet cream flavor and a hint of vanilla to hot and cold beverages. On Top Mallow is a slightly sweeter and gooier remix of Rich’s classic On Top. It is infused with a nostalgic marshmallow flavor, and is ideal for doughnuts, cookies, cupcakes and more. On Top Pink Whipped adds color to beverages, desserts and baked goods. And On Top Chocolate Whipped can be used as a topping, an ingredient in desserts or a layer in parfaits, fruit cups and more.

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