Which Foodservice Products Make Sheetz a Fan Favorite?


When you visit the Sheetz home page, the first thing you see is a prompt to order food online. That's because, to many of its customers, Sheetz is a quick-service restaurant that happens to have gas pumps outside and packaged goods in between. The chain has embraced its QSR sensibilities, so much so that many locations are outfitted with drive-thru windows. Living foodservice 24/7, Sheetz offers its menu items all day long, every day of the year.

Click through to see some of the foodservice products that Sheetz customers say make it a craveable foodservice destination, according to Technomic's Consumer Brand Metrics study, powered by Ignite.



Sheetz sandwiches

One customer raved: "Their burger and sandwich selection is just amazing!!!"

Customers love Sheetz because they can get in, get the food they want and get back on the road with ease. The chain ranks high for on-demand, to-go eating. To capture that customer, the chain employs ordering kiosks that allows their guests to completely customize each order.

Cheese sticks/fried cheese

Sheetz Fried Cheese

"All Sheetzes are fun to visit and shop," said one customer.

To prove that Sheetz is all about fun, they've fried all kinds of different cheeses. Cheese of all varieties is prone to being breaded and fried, including Fried Mac N' Cheese Bites, Wisconsin Cheese Bites and Mozarella Sticks.

Hot dogs

Sheetz Hot Dog

"The hot dogs were exactly what I wanted," said one Sheetz customer.

Indeed, the level of customization at Sheetz has helped raise its foodservice cache to QSR levels. However, Sheetz outpaces QSRs when it comes to customers needing food to go, with more than twice as many respondents to the Technomic study indicating they'd prefer to visit Sheetz for their to-go items than the QSR competition.