OPW 14E ECO Nozzle

Fueling equipment
Dripless nozzle receives California Air Resources Board certification.

The OPW 14E ECO (Enhanced Conventional) Nozzle has received California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification as the industry’s first dripless conventional gasoline-fueling nozzle, the company said. The 14E ECO nozzle design features a patent and patent-pending dripless-spout with a fuel-activation interlock valve located the bellows; no-pressure/no-flow nozzle-activation technology; and a FlowLock system that allows the nozzle to shut off if it were to fall out of the vehicle during fueling. The 14E ECO nozzle is part of OPW’s 14 Series Cleaner Fueling Nozzle family, designed to provide a cleaner, greener fueling experience.

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