5 Product Launches for Easter


Consumers will spend an expected $2.6 billion on candy this Easter, according to a recent survey from the National Retail Federation (NRF) and Prosper Insights & Analytics. With 81% of Americans expected to celebrate the holiday, spending $18.4 billion in total, per the report, new Easter products are ubiquitous.

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1. Selfie Easter Bunnies

selfie palmer bunnies

Chocolate manufacturer R.M. Palmer Co. has launched 10-ounce, hollow milk-chocolate Selfie Easter Bunnies to celebrate its 70th anniversary and the approaching holiday.

Consumers can also enter for the chance to win $500 and a trip to Chicago to attend the National Confectioners Association's 2018 Sweets & Snacks Expo by uploading a selfie with the chocolate bunny to the company’s Facebook page using the hashtag #selfiebunny. Runner-up prizes include various R.M. Palmer chocolates valued at $75 and a Palmer selfie stick. Contestants have until April 2 to enter.

2. Dove Chocolate

dove truffles

Dove Chocolate has released two products for this year’s holiday. Its Dove Truffles Milk Chocolate Carrot Patch contains truffles wrapped in green and orange foil, resembling a carrot. The treats come in six-packs, with 60 calories per truffle. The truffles can be hidden in Easter eggs or used to fill Easter baskets. Dove’s second product, Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy Eggs, come in single lay-down bags and, if purchased through Amazon, come in a 24-pack. Both items will be offered for a limited time.

3. Peeps


Earlier this month, Just Born Quality Confections launched a spring line of marshmallow Peeps flavors in time for Easter. The new flavors include Sour Cherry, Pancakes & Syrup and three mystery Peeps. Some of the new products were made available only to select retailers; Just Born said selling these flavors in select stores helps test the products before a larger rollout. If they perform well, the company will likely launch the new items nationally next year.

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4. Peeps on a perch

peeps on a perch

Peeps has partnered with Random House Children's Books this Easter to create a children’s storybook, "Peep on a Perch," written by Andrea Posner-Sanchez. Available in a boxed set for $24.99, the package contains a yellow Peeps Chick toy and the picture book, which depicts the story of how the Easter Peep helps the Easter Bunny every year. The book is for children ages 3 to 7 and encourages parents to start a new Easter tradition for the whole family, the company said.

5. Little Kids Inc.

little kids inc

Toy manufacturer Little Kids Inc. has debuted a line of candy-themed bubble products for Easter, coming in Peeps, Jelly Belly and Candylicious brands.

  • Peeps' Scented Bubble Bunny contains marshmallow-scented bubbles and comes with a giant bubble wand. The products come in three colors: pink, blue and yellow. Also available is Peeps Grow a Peep, which lets consumers grow their own Peeps chick or bunny by pouring water into a container with an egg that will dissolve, revealing the Peep which will grow three times its original size after 48 hours.
  • Jelly Belly’s Bubble Machine Assortment is a battery-operated machine that comes in multiple colors and releases various scented bubbles. The red machine releases Very Cherry bubbles, a blue machine releases Berry Blue bubbles and a green machine releases Green Apple bubbles.
  • The Candylicious Bubbles Chocolate Bunny is bubble blower that produces chocolate-flavored bubbles. Candylicious Bubbles also come in three flavor and designs: a gummy bear with cherry-flavored bubbles, a freeze pop with bubbles flavored like tutti-frutti, and an ice-cream cone with chocolate-flavored bubbles. Each 3-pack contains 0.67 fluid ounces of Candylicious Bubbles.