Top 10 Cool New Products from the NACS Show’s First Day

Earlier this month at the NACS Show in Chicago, attendees had a chance to browse the 320 new products in the NACS Cool New Products Preview Room. Visitors to the room use handheld scanners to capture product details, booth numbers and other contact information. Those scans are then recorded. This year, the 10 most scanned new products from the first day of the NACS Show include maintenance products and cold brew, protein cake and fresh sandwiches.

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10. Tell Industries

Tell Industries

Tell Industries' Wireless Charging Pad, USB-C Charger, Spinners were the 10th most scanned Cool New Product.

9. Plastic & Products Marketing

The Push N Go Lid Dispenser from Plastic & Products Marketing was the ninth most scanned new product. This item has a unique design that holds fountain lids and domed lids and fits well behind any self-serve coffee bar, fountain drink station or service counter, the company says. It can be combined with stock or custom condiment organizers to create a cohesive dispensing solution.

8. f'real foods

The new f'real FRLB6 blender was the eighth most scanned new product at the NACS Cool New Products Preview Room.

7. Tyson Convenience

Tyson Convenience

The seventh most scanned product comes from Tyson's AdvancePierre brand: 13 new Fresh-Cut sandwiches that feature home-style breads, natural cheeses and premium meats. All products have a front-of-pack calorie callout. The sandwiches include Fresh-Cut Wraps (Chicken Caesar Wrap and Southwest Turkey Wrap); Fresh-Cut Wedges (Smoky Ham & Natural Cheddar, Turkey Breast & Natural Cheddar, Chicken Salad and Tuna Salad); and Fresh-Cut Hearty Size Wedges and Fresh-Cut Subs. 

6. CAF Inc.

CAF Inc.

Two products from CAF Inc. were the sixth most scanned product in the NACS Cool New Product Preview Room. React is a fuel-spill neutralizer that renders fuel nonflammable. It contains no absorbents or hazardous waste. The Sumpur Spill Bucket Cleanout is designed with high-visibility safety and reduced labor costs.

5. Tyson Convenience

Tyson Hillshire

A Hillshire Snacking line earned the fifth highest number of scans. The Small Plates product combines meat, cheese, crackers, crisps and nuts, and flavors include Rustic Harvest, Tuscan Flair, Latin Fiesta, Wine-Infused Salame, Italian Dry Salame, Hot Calabrese Salame and Genoa Salame.

4. RTC

RTC Profit Pusher

The Profit Pusher3 Adjustable Tray from RTC received the fourth most scans. ProfitPusher 3 is a comprehensive product-management system that reduces the time it takes to perform cut-ins and resets by 50% or more, the company says. The ProfitPusher 3 System features an intuitive slide and lock feature that enables retailers to move entire blocks of products left or right with less effort.  

3. DanoneWave Away From Home

DanoneWave Away From Home

With the third most scans, DanoneWave's Stok Cold Brew Bulk Dispensers allows operators to offer a coffee experience that rivals traditional coffee shops, without the need for specialized equipment or long hours dedicated to cold brewing, the company says. Available in Vanilla and Unsweetened Black varieties, Stok Cold Brew is steeped for at least 10 hours.

2. thinkThin LLC

thinkThin LLC protein cake

thinkThin Protein Cakes earned the second most scans at the NACS Cool New Product Preview Room. This protein snack is available in classic cake flavors, and they provide a balanced way to satisfy sweet cravings. Each cake has 12 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar, and they are gluten- and GMO-free.

1. Heartland Food Products Group

Heartland Food Products Group Java House Authentic Cold Brew Coffee

Heartland Food Products Group's Java House Authentic Cold Brew Coffee earned the most scans at this year's NACS Cool New Product Preview Room. This cold-brew coffee is made in a traditional technique using only two ingredients: air-roasted ground coffee beans and water. The company brews the grounds in cold water, without reconstituted coffee, coffee additives, coffee derivatives or preservatives. This product comes in ready-to-drink and larger concentrate sizes.