Welcome to the Improved Convenience Store Products Magazine

Your eyes are not deceiving you—things are a little different
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No, you haven’t stumbled into the wrong magazine. I promise you’re in the right place. We’ve just moved the furniture around a little bit, dusted off the shelves and fluffed the pillows.

We’re still the Convenience Store Products you know and love. We just spent a little time (well, about nine months) making ourselves look sharper, read cleaner and inform better. You'll also like our new logo and enhanced functionality on CStoreProductsOnline.com. And while it’s true that we look pretty good, there’s a bit more to us than that.

We’ve also spent some time learning more about you. And in doing so, we think we’ve figured out how to better help you run your business. We’ve taken everything out that isn’t actionable, and we’ve added some content we think could inspire you to act in your stores. We want to be your partner.

We did this all for you.

The old favorites are still here. Certainly the c-store products themselves haven’t gone anywhere.

But we’ve added a few dedicated product sections: one designed to help you better understand a specific demographic, another to drill down further within a category. And we’ve tapped into exclusive data to help you understand which products are scorching hot right now.

We’ve also refocused our efforts on trend reporting to help determine which products and categories will be hot next month, next quarter and next year. Through conversations with retailers like you, we know that being ahead of the curve is important to you. And we share your commitment to innovation.

In the spirit of “newness,” we decided to try something else we’ve never done before: We forged an important partnership with foodservice market research company Product Evaluations Inc., Oak Brook, Ill. It was through this partnership that we developed our cover story—Consumers Tell All—this month. The story is a look at what your customers are actually thinking when they come to your store, in their own words.

And in that vein, we’d also like to hear from you. Let us know what you think about our makeover. Our main goal, after all, is to create a tool that works for you. Of course we want to ensure that you can’t put us down. But we also want you to keep us around, mark up pages and pull old issues off the shelf once in a while.

Like what you see? Let us know what you think. Shoot me an email at alewis@winsightmedia.com.