How Women Shop

woman grocery shopping

It’s easy to pigeonhole women when it comes to their shopping habits.

Women like nice things. They eat more healthfully. They won’t shop in a store unless it’s clean and well-stocked. But it turns out some of those preconceived notions don’t tell the whole story. The global incomes of women are predicted to reach $18 trillion by 2018, according to EY, a global provider of professional and advisory services. And according to Forbes, women drive 70% to 80% of all consumer spending through their buying power and their influence.

Here are four new products that might catch women's attention in your convenience store ...

Beso Del Sol Red and White Sangria

Beso Del Sol

Women drink beer. I know this because I’m a woman and I drink it. But I also appreciate a good fruity sangria. This particular one is tailor-made for summer picnics, outdoor festivals or the beach. This company entered the convenience market with its new 500-mL Tetra Pak carton, which is now available in select 7-Eleven convenience stores throughout Florida, Southern California, Texas and Virginia. With an SRP of $4.99 and in both red and white varieties, the grab-and-go Tetra Pak cartons are portable and resealable.

CPY-20L LED Canopy Luminaire

Cree canopy light

Cree Inc.

There’s no doubt that everyone prefers a safe place to pump gas, and the better lit an area, the better. This is a particularly acute issue for women. I won’t stop if a c-store doesn’t look bright enough at night. The new CPY-20L LED canopy luminaire from Cree offers quick and easy installation, with a low total cost of ownership, and outperforms metal halide systems and competing higher-cost LED luminaires, according to the company. The new series uses less energy while increasing performance and delivering better lighting environments.

Ready Snax

Ready Snax

Ready Pac Foods Inc.

This is a great, fresh product that would work for breakfast, lunch or snack time, or a side for dinner on the run. Providing indulgent ­flavors with fewer calories, Ready Snax is a solution for parents and students looking for easy, nutritious options. This product offers a simple way to curb appetites and provide a boost of vitamins, all with fewer than 300 calories. They are available in eight ­flavor combinations, including Caprese; Apples, Yogurt & Trail Mix; Caramel Apple Crisp; and Veggies, Hummus & Flatbread.

Fruit Me Up! Boost and Naturally Better

Fruit Me Up snack

Bowman Andros Products LLC

It’s true: Not all women are moms, and not all women walk into a convenience store looking for something healthy to feed their kids. But as a mother myself, I am very thankful when I—inevitably with a hungry little one on my hip looking for something to eat—find items such as this one in a c-store. Fruit Me Up! all-natural fruit pouches contain 25% less sugar per ounce and have no added sugar, water or juice concentrate. This snack is made with 100% fruit sauce and is available in an assortment of ­flavors.