Unilever Launches 20 New Ice Cream Products

ice cream

Consumer packaged goods manufacturer Unilever has debuted 20 new frozen dessert products within its Breyers, Good Humor, Klondike, Magnum and Popsicle brands. The products are now available to retailers nationwide.

"It's been a lot of fun reimagining some of America's favorite ice-cream brands," said Alfie Vivian, general manager for Unilever Refreshments. "We know people love ice cream and it makes them happy. From snackable sizes to cookie and candy mix-ins to better-for-you choices, this summer we're introducing treats that will satisfy every ice-cream lover."

Here are Unilever’s brands and the new products associated with each …


magnum ice cream

Magnum’s new 14.8-ounce Tubs are “made to be broken,” with packaging that once squeezed, cracks the chocolate coating inside. Magnum Tubs come in four varieties: Milk Chocolate Vanilla, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, White Chocolate Vanilla and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut. Milk Chocolate Hazelnut contains 65% cacao. The other three are made with Belgian chocolate.

Magnum is also introducing two new flavors to its Doubles line of ice-cream bars. The first, Double Cherry Truffle, contains cherry ice cream with chocolate ganache and dipped in a chocolate coating with cherry sauce and milk chocolate. Its counterpart, Mini Double Raspberry, features raspberry ice cream dipped in a chocolate coating, topped with raspberry sauce and milk chocolate. The Doubles are made with Belgian chocolate.


breyers 2in1

Breyers has launched new 2in1 ice-cream tubs, which come in 48-ounce containers and four flavors: Oreo Chips Ahoy, Reese’s Reese’s Pieces, Snickers M&M’s and Heath Waffle Cone.

The brand will also debut its new Breyer’s Delights Minis, a spinoff of Breyer’s Delights but in a smaller size. The 4-ounce Minis will arrive in two flavors: Vanilla Cupcake, containing low-fat vanilla ice cream, cupcake batter and sprinkles, and Creamy Chocolate, featuring low-fat chocolate ice cream and pure cocoa.


popsicle fruit pops

The Popsicle brand is debuting its new Fruit Pops, a “better-for-you” option made with water, real fruit, cane sugar and other natural flavors. Each ice pop contains less than 45 calories and 11 grams of sugar. The pops arrive in four flavors: Strawberry, Mango, Orange and Raspberry.


klondike minis

The polar bear-themed ice-cream bar has returned to shelves with a twist. Snack-sized Klondike Minis in Original and Reese’s flavors may be smaller in size, but the treats still contain ice cream and the traditional chocolate shell.

Good Humor

good humor reeses dessert bar

The Good Humor brand has collaborated with Reese’s to bring a new flavor of its dessert bars to shelves. The Reese's Dessert Bar blends Reese’s peanut butter sauce with Good Humor’s cake coating.