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Opinion: Cat Man in the Trenches

beverage out-of-stock

Q: We are re-evaluating our store manager responsibilities. We have a large corporate sales management staff, so I wonder if the store manager should worry about category management at all, other than out-of-stocks. After all, they were hired to run a store.

A: Regardless of how much category-management responsibility you expect your store managers to accept, they play a huge role in its success. And yes, it goes beyond just making sure your stores are well stocked.

Do This; Don’t Do That

do this; don't do that

Regardless of what else may be in their baskets, your customers buy chocolate.

There are some other habits you’re likely to see. Patrons often buy a newspaper when they pick up lottery tickets. They purchase bottled water and carbonated soft drinks together. And when they buy beer, it’s usually between 3 and 11 p.m., so put a six-pack on the counter to remind them.

Kindness First

Every day when my son gets on the school bus, I make him turn around and give me a hug.

“Kindness ­first,” I whisper into his broomstick hair.

If I’m lucky, I get a one-cheek smile. Usually it’s a little nod. This ritual will totally embarrass him soon if it doesn’t already. But though actions do indeed speak louder than words, it is this phrase I hope he remembers when he makes a decision about how to talk to his friends, treat a new student or respond to a teacher.