How E-Z Stop Foodmarts Is Doing More With Less

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Donna Perkins, pricebook manager for 23-store chain E-Z Stop Foodmarts, Maryville, Tenn., is dedicated to making work easier and more efficient for all of her colleagues, from those on the store floor to corporate headquarters.

Q: What will be some of the biggest changes in the back office this year?

E-Commerce: Lifeline or Flatline?

Inside the store, customers develop a tight relationship with your products. They touch them, take in their aromas, become inspired by creative displays. They understand how certain products pair with others, guided by plan-o-grams that help them fill their impulse basket.

It’s brick-and-mortar category management 101.

But that science is under pressure due to the disruptive growth of e-commerce, as both iconic and small populist brands capitalize on online selling and the advantages of single-click convenience and quick delivery.

Opinion: Keep Calm And C-Store On

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This column is starting out like all the others: a blinking line and a blank space. I’ve been staring at the cursor, matching the rhythm of my heart to the flicker on the screen, for about 11 solid minutes. Any minute now, inspiration will hit.

It always does.

The good thing is, I know what I want to write about. The question is, how?

(­Stands up to get a cup of coffee)

I’m not procrastinating. I’m not. I just can’t figure out how to talk about Amazon. I feel as if I’ve talked about it so much already.

Shopping Outside of the Box

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Convenience stores always seem to be fighting for share from bigger industries with fewer stigmas and stereotypes. But as grocery sales move online and technology and related services innovate, c-stores may find themselves with distinct advantages. Here’s a look at the latest trends in online grocery and some innovations on the fringe.

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Los Angeles-based research firm IBIS World predicts $9.4 billion in revenue for online grocery in 2017, a total

'Cell Service'

ARLINGTON, Texas -- For retailers concerned about jumping on board the fast-moving trend of mobile payments, Drew Mize believes there’s no time like the present.

Normally cautious operators may have to raise their risk tolerance, says the COO for Arlington, Texas-based The Pinnacle Corp., because the use of mobile applications, or “apps,” as well as the larger concept of mobile payments is a definite trend and not a fad.