Kristina Peters

Associate Editor, CSP
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Kristina Peters is associate editor of Winsight's convenience-store publications, CSP magazine and Convenience Store Products.

General Mills cereal

Manufacturers act to comply with Vermont law, while speaking out against state-by-state labeling regulations

water pour

A CSP/GasBuddy beverage survey found that while driving and thirsty, 56% of consumers typically stop to purchase a drink at a gas station/convenience store.

ohm vapors

Vapors are struggling, but there is hope for them to come back to convenience-stores. Is this the trend to fix everything?

Pixy Stix

Nestlé reformulated the product—and many others—to meet the company’s sugar guidelines, which align with recommendations from the World Health Organization.

chicken photo

As more consumers seek transparency with regard to their food, companies are flocking to switch to cage-free eggs. And Nestlé is the latest to take the pledge.

beer cave

Given the beer market is responsible for $253 billion in the American marketplace, the convenience channel is a clear stakeholder.

snacks healthy

The snack aisle is flush with products that blur the lines between “better for you” and “tastes better to you.” And consumers are starting to take notice.

keurig kold

Lots of research and development dollars are being spent on re-creating the packaged beverages consumers love. Only they’re not in the cold vault.


Spices are getting bolder. Breakfast is moving beyond bacon and eggs. And the pig the bacon came from better have been raised without antibiotics.

Eighty-five percent of consumers plan to enjoy confection this holiday season, according to survey results from the National Confectioners Association (NCA).


Millennials are quickly approaching prime wine-buying age, which has many wondering how they will affect the category.

mobile phone

Delivering information and promotions to your convenience-store shoppers “in the moment” via mobile device might sound like a sure thing, but it is a risk.