Kristina Peters

Associate Editor, CSP
Winsight Media

Kristina Peters is associate editor of Winsight's convenience-store publications, CSP magazine and Convenience Store Products.

inside c store

Boston Retail Partners found current retail planning systems are out of date and don’t effectively address requirements for an omnichannel planning environment.

salty snacks

Understanding when and where consumers snack might be the key manufacturers and convenience-store retailers need to capture an industry that may reach $200 billion.

beer and chicken wings

The Brewer and the Culinary Institute of America have tested how Sam Adams beers pair up with spicy foods that consumers regularly order.

grocery set

Grocery isn’t a top seller in convenience stores, but it has the potential to generate more in sales due to the category’s basket-boosting tendencies.

beer cave

Reports show that c-stores with beer caves get more traffic and generate more sales.

downeast cider

The can trend has not been lost on companies in the hard-cider, wine and cocktail channels. They too are embracing the can for more consumer usage.

beer cans

When it comes to beer and other adult beverages, most consumers are leaning towards cans, and suppliers are starting to notice.

two trending product categories: burgers and beverages

Craft sodas, tea and meat snacks are seeing increased success among customers seeking healthier fare.

Want to sell powdered alcohol? Chances are you won’t be able to. Powdered alcohol, also known as Palcohol, has been banned in more than 20 states.