Tastykake Mini Cupcakes

September 2015
Tastykake Mini Cupcakes Indulgent snack cakes

Tastykake’s new line of Mini Cupcakes includes two Tastykake classic treats and one new variety. Varieties are Mini Peanut Butter Swirly Cupcakes, which are chocolate filled with peanut butter crème and topped with peanut butter icing made with Reese’s peanut butter; Mini Swirly Cupcakes, featuring chocolate cake made with Hershey’s cocoa and topped with chocolate icing and white crème filling; and The Mini Koffee Kake Cupcakes, which are crumb-covered, crème-filled coffee cake cupcakes. Mini Cupcakes are available for an SRP of $3.99, with a serving size of three cupcakes for less than 200 calories.

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