Touchpoint Ice Beverage Dispenser

Convenience Store Products November/December 2015
beverage dispenser

Lancer, the leader in beverage dispensing innovation, introduces the new Sensation Chewable Ice Beverage Dispenser. The Sensation was created to meet the rising demand for chewable ice, and to dispense it hassle-free. Surveys show that more than 70% of consumers prefer chewable ice over cube ice. Chewable ice makes drinks taste better for a longer period, and the ice is more enjoyable to chew, creating a better drink experience and driving customer loyalty. Current ice beverage dispensers fall short on the promise of delivering chewable ice dependably. The Lancer Sensation meets the rising demand for chewable ice with its patented, independent dual-drive system synchronized to maintain ice quality and to deliver ice consistently and reliably.

The first-in-class Sensation is available with multiple valve options, a high-capacity storage bin, and flexible plumbing access from the front or rear. Not only does the Sensation dispense any kind of extruded ice, it can also dispense cubed ice with no other equipment required. The Lancer Sensation is the high-quality solution for delivering the chewable ice that consumers crave.

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