Vision Ice And Beverage Dispenser

Convenience Store Products November/December 2015
follet dispenser
Follett Corp. has released its newly redesigned Symphony Plus ice and water dispensers and Maestro Plus ice machines. All Symphony Plus and Maestro Plus machines feature Follett’s proprietary Chewblet ice chewable nugget. Symphony Plus dispensers and Maestro Plus ice machines meet stringent CEE Tier 2 standards for energy efficiency and offer up to a 40% reduction in water consumption compared to cube-type ice machines. Among the technical and performance improvements made to Follett’s dispensers are: automatic self-flushing to remove impurities after every hour of ice making; semi-automatic cleaning and sanitizing to reduce service times by 50% to 75%;QuietNight sleep mode to reduce noisy compressor starts; and a patent-pending drain system to better remove melted ice and water from the dispenser.
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