Convenience Store Products | First Quarter 2018

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February 2018
The C-Store of the Future

New Products Are Changing Categories One SKU at a Time

Mixing up the menu, CSD brands bubbling up, coffee-brewing equipment, snack acquisitions, mixed up confections and more ...



mountain dew ice

Don't call it a comeback as these brands refresh their taste

These new items are the epitome of convenience

It’s more than a matter of foot traffic and public interest

A busy year of consolidation among snack manufacturers could have an effect on the c-store snack set

7-Eleven embraces the category with its own private-label brands

The latest brewing equipment offers something for everyone

star wars

As consumers swap CSDs for other offerings, innovation flourishes

rutters doughnuts

Chains that get top marks for foodservice variety


hershey gold

Isolated as top consumer velocity items, data by McLane Co.

Cover story

sku label

The wave of disruption isn’t just for the Amazons and Teslas of the world: New products can change an entire category, one SKU at a time

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As I look ahead at my new opportunity ...