Convenience Store Products | July/August 2016

Convenience Store Products magazine July-August 2016

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August 2016
Our Second-Annual Retail Survey

Our second-annual Convenience Store Products retailer survey reveals what you really think about the “next big thing”—and the strategies you employ to sell them.

Plus: Gummies surge! Tobacco trends. New beer concepts. And foodservice, snacks, general merchandise and more!


By the Numbers

The top-selling new products in convenience stores across America this quarter


bowl of Dippin Dots

Retailer’s newest venture mirrors his own chain’s credo

fresh vegetables

Distributors are taking the lead on building a fresh-produce supply chain for c-stores

Oberto Beef Jerky 6-Pack

Format, as well as multipacks, offers consumers more snacking options and portion control

beer growler

Growlers and crowlers help create neighborhood hot spots

starbucks cold brew

As nitro cold-brew coffee gains traction in mainstream cafés, can you tap into the trend?

Consumers’ craving for regional American specialties finds its latest obsession

Five manly smokeless tobacco products

vaping and cigarettes

E-cigarette advocates, anti-tobacco groups divided over historic decline in smoking rate

Here are four new products that might catch women's attention in your convenience store ...

Rutter's Farm Store

Rutter’s Farm Stores recently opened the doors of its biggest store yet: a 9,100-square-foot “monument to convenience." Take a look at how the design drives traffic and puts products on display ...



If a product in your store is not selling, "you need to let it go."

Editor's note

Goose Island sample bus

Marketers of products in your stores are upping their game. How can you pick up this strategy and use it to market your own brand?