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December 2015
The C-Store Products Hot 100

The most retailer-requested products of the year from Convenience Store Products magazine.  Click here to see the full list.

Also: CSDs under pressure. Energy shots get a boost. The great vape debate. Foodservice goes for bold. More!


Behind the Brand

stoli packaging

Stoli Group USA packaging designers met with bartenders to ensure that the bottle was not only aesthetically pleasing, but included practical enhancements.


car wash

A car wash in Michigan is starting to make much more money thanks to a sleek new design and customer-pleasing promotions.

credit card hook

Financial services promise store traffic and additional sales, especially when you consider the 7.7% of the U.S. population that is unbanked and 20% that is underbanked.

beer cave

Given the beer market is responsible for $253 billion in the American marketplace, the convenience channel is a clear stakeholder.


Many advances, including high-speed functionality, small-footprint pieces and automation, directly reflect the needs of convenience-store operators.


The c-store industry is one of numbers, which makes the nuances and gray areas of foodservice—where no one empirical answer exists—a difficult challenge to accept.


Sometimes nostalgia takes the form of retro packaging, or in some cases it’s the return of a discontinued brand, in the case of many products.

snacks healthy

The snack aisle is flush with products that blur the lines between “better for you” and “tastes better to you.” And consumers are starting to take notice.

no vaping sign

A new poll conducted by Stat and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggests most adults support regulations of the nascent segment.

5 hour energy

Once limited to a couple of flavors and a single payoff—boosting energy—energy shots today feature a trove of benefits that cater to core and casual users.

keurig kold

Lots of research and development dollars are being spent on re-creating the packaged beverages consumers love. Only they’re not in the cold vault.



Spices are getting bolder. Breakfast is moving beyond bacon and eggs. And the pig the bacon came from better have been raised without antibiotics.

By the Numbers

beer graphic

A look at the cash behind the creation of a brewery behemoth: Anheuser-Busch InBev + SABMiller

Editor's note

borden's milk

In this issue, we’re obviously focusing on the new—in the form of our annual Hot 100 list of most requested products of the year. But we’re also looking back—at the rise of nostalgia in the candy aisle.