5 C-Store Staples That Thrived During the Super Bowl

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Feb. 4 reminded everyone just how vital Super Bowl Sunday is for convenience-store sales. Beer and toilet-paper sales reached all-time highs around 4 p.m. that day, according to c-store delivery service goPuff. The company’s Munchie Meter used real-time data from snack orders nationwide to showcase which Super Bowl ads drove immediate sales. 

Rafael Ilishayev, the company’s co-founder, said the results provide information about what may or may not trigger impulse purchases. “Our data offers key insights to the behavior of consumers all year, but the information found on one of the busiest snack days of the year can help brands shift their tactics and advertising dollars for the remainder of the year to develop campaigns that drive sales,” he said.

Here are five brands familiar to c-stores that hit it big with their Super Bowl ads, based on goPuff’s analysis …

1. Mountain Dew

missy elliot and morgan freeman mountain dew ice v. doritos blaze

According to goPuff, Mountain Dew sales immediately grew 17% after its first-quarter ad featuring Morgan Freeman drinking its newest flavor, Mtn Dew Ice, while strutting to a Missy Elliott tune.

2. Pepsi

cindy crawford pepsi

Celebrity cameos from Cindy Crawford, Jeff Gordon, Kyrie Irving and more in Pepsi’s second-quarter commercial, as well as the Pepsi-sponsored halftime show, spiked the brand’s sales up 12%, according to goPuff.

3. Doritos

peter dinklage and busta rhymes mountain dew ice v. doritos blaze

Peter Dinklage lip-syncing a Busta Rhymes song and eating the new Doritos Blaze flavor during the first quarter bumped up the chip brand’s sales by 10%.

4. Pringles

pringles bill hader

Fans clearly enjoyed watching Bill Hader turn Pringles into a pizza during the game’s second quarter, because the brand’s sales jumped 8% immediately following the ad, according to goPuff.

5. M&M's

danny devito m&m

M&M’s new ad featuring Danny DeVito paid dividends, as well. The brand’s sales grew 6% after its commercial in the first quarter, which showed DeVito getting hit by a bus.