5 Plant-Based Drinks Positioned as Snacks

oats milk

Both the Coca-Cola Co. and PepsiCo will roll out oat-based drinks early in 2019. Click through for a look at the manufacturers' new releases and three other plant-based beverage products hitting store shelves.

Photograph: Shutterstock​

1. Coca-Cola Co./Fairlife

fairlife snacks

Unveiled at the NACS Show in October, Fairlife Smart Snacks, available through The Coca-Cola Co., are lactose-free drinks made with honey, oats and 15 grams of protein for a filling snack. The drinks are available in 8-ounce bottles in French Vanilla, Creamy Strawberry and Rich Chocolate flavors. The suggested retail price is $2.29 for a single-serve 8-ounce bottle and $24.99 for a multipack of 12.

Photograph courtesy of The Coca-Cola Co.

2. PepsiCo

quaker oat beverage

PepsiCo's Quaker division will launch Quaker Oat Beverage in January. The oat-bran milk will roll out in 48-ounce cartons and will be available in three flavors: Original, Unsweetened and Vanilla. The "heart healthy," lactose-free drinks are produced by Shamrock Farms and promise high fiber, calcium and vitamin D.

Photograph courtesy of PepsiCo

3. Califia Farms

califia yogurt

Califia Farms Probiotic Yogurt Drinks are dairy-free nut-milk drinks made with the Califia Culture Blend, made of 10 billion live, active probiotic colony-forming units. The drinks come in Strawberry, Super Berry, Mango and Unsweetened Plain flavors for an SRP of $2.69 per single-serve 8-ounce bottle and $5.49 per 25.4-ounce multiserve bottle.

Photograph by CSP Staff

4. Nescafe


Nescafe Coffee Protein Smoothies is a new line of coffee drinks enhanced with 15 grams of plant protein from oats and almond butter. The drinks are available in Banana and Mocha flavors.

Photograph by CSP Staff

5. Danone/Silk

silk logo

Known for its Silk almond milk, Danone is expanding the line to include an oat-milk drink called Silk Oat Yeah. The drink will be available in Plain and Vanilla flavors in 64-ounce cartons.

Image courtesy of Danone