7 Unique Beverage Rollouts

drinks on factory line

Nonalcohol “destination drinks” are becoming a go-to strategy for many restaurants, and a recent spate of packaged-beverage releases offers convenience stores an opportunity to set themselves apart from others, as well.

Nonalcohol specialty drinks hold a great deal of sway as 23%—up from 18% in 2016—of consumers indicate that this factor is “very important” in their decision-making, according to the 2018 Beverage Consumer Trend Report from Technomic, a sister research company of Convenience Store Products

In addition, Technomic’s report found that 39% of consumers purchase four or more beverages per week from foodservice operators, while the greatest number of consumers are willing to pay extra for 100% fruit juice. 

Click through for seven recent beverage rollouts with intriguing flavor fusions.

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1. La Colombe Cold Brew Shandy Lemonade

la colombe cold brew shandy lemonade

Joining La Colombe Coffee Roasters’ collection of ready-to-drink beverages is Cold Brew Shandy Lemonade, a hybrid of smooth, cold-pressed coffee and sweet lemonade made from Sicilian lemons. Available for an SRP of $2.99, each can has 90 milligrams of natural caffeine and is regarded as a solid source of vitamin C, providing 180% of the daily recommended value, according to the Philadelphia-based company.

2. Ugly Drinks

ugly drinks

U.K.-based Ugly Brands Inc. offers up Ugly Drinks, which use fruit-based essential oils and sparkling water to create “totally unsweet” fizzy drinks with no sugar and no calories. On the corporate website, there’s a three-step roadmap to procurement:

  1. Get Started. Pick your flavors. Choose your delivery frequency. Subscribe today.
  2. Get Ugly. Keep your fridge stocked with regular deliveries to your home of office. Enjoy and glug ugly.
  3. Get creative. No strings attached. Pause, cancel, change flavors or skip your order at any time.

3. Cooper Tea

coopers tea cold brew tea concentrate

Cooper Tea Co. launched B.W. Cooper’s Organic Cold Brew Tea 11:1 Concentrate, becoming the first company to roll out a cold-brew tea concentrate designed specifically for commercial foodservice operations, the supplier said. The concentrate offers operators a simple way to add cold-brew tea to menus without burdening staff with time-consuming preparation. It requires no on-site brewing or extracting equipment, and Cooper Tea steeps the tea for hours to remove bitterness. Each mini-jug of concentrate makes 3 gallons of tea when mixed with water. The product is USDA-certified organic with two ingredients: organic black tea and water.

4. La Colombe Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte

la colombe pumpkin spice draft latte

La Colombe released a seasonal Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte this year. The drink is the first frothed, cold pumpkin spice latte on the market, according to the manufacturer. The ready-to-drink canned variety is made with real pumpkin puree and a blend of natural spices. It has no artificial ingredients and a fraction of sugar found in competing offerings, the company said. Each Draft Latte delivers 120 milligrams of caffeine, as well as protein, calcium and vitamin D. The drink has an SRP of $2.99 per can.

5. Push Soda

push strawberry soda

Push Beverages recently launched Push Strawberry Soda, which joins its lineup of fruit-flavored carbonated soft drinks that includes pineapple, peach, orange, grape and diet orange flavors. The line also includes traditional flavors such as cola, ginger ale and root beer. The Succasunna, N.J.-based company received multiple requests for a strawberry flavor before it “finally created a formulation we were happy with." Push Strawberry soda is naturally and artificially flavored, gluten-free, kosher and sold in 20-ounce bottles.

6. Xyience

xyience fuji apple

Xyience, manufacturer of zero-calorie and zero-sugar energy drinks made with all-natural flavors and colors, brought to market two new flavors: Wild Grape and Fuji Apple. Xyience Wild Grape is bold and fruity, and Fuji Apple offers a crisp and refreshing natural apple flavor, the company said. The new Xyience flavors are available for an SRP range of $1.99 to $2.29 per 16-ounce can. Xyience is owned by Big Red Ltd., Austin, Texas.

7. Welch’s

welchs sparkling plus energy

For a limited time, Welch Foods Inc. is offering a product outside of its juice-aisle comfort zone: Welch’s Sparkling Plus Energy. The line delivers sustainably farmed Welch’s juice with natural energy from organic coffee extract, according to the Concord, Mass.-based company. Delivering what the company describes as a bold taste profile, Welch’s Energy is available in Sparkling Grape and Sparkling Fruit Punch flavors for an SRP of $2.19 per 16-ounce can.