Cans Cross Into Cocktails, Wine and More

The can trend has not been lost on companies in the hard-cider, wine and cocktail channels.
downeast cider

The can trend has not been lost on companies in the hard-cider, wine and cocktail channels.

The Boston Beer Co. launched its hard cider, Angry Orchard, in 12-ounce bottles in 2012 and 16-ounce cans in 2013. Response has been great, says George Ward, director of off-premise national accounts for Angry Orchard.

Ward, citing data from Chicago-based IRI, says for the latest 13 weeks, Angry Orchard six-packs are the No. 1 dollar sales cider six-pack in convenience stores and the No. 13 six-pack across all segments.

“Drinkers are drawn to Angry Orchard because it’s a refreshing alternative to beer or wine, and the perfect drink to complement celebrations or outdoor activities—many of which take place in locations where glass isn’t allowed,” Ward says. “It was a logical next step for Angry Orchard to offer cider in cans.”

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While canned cider has been around for the past couple of years, canned wine and cocktails are a fairly new concept.

“There are some convenience/single-serve wine packages on the market, but we don’t see larger companies investing heavily,” says Eric Schmidt, director of research for Technomic.

California-based flipflop wines is one such company to venture into cans. In May, flipflop began offering four varieties—Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Fizzy Sangria and Fizzy Crisp White—in 250-ml cans.

“Not long ago, people might have scoffed at the idea of high-quality wine in a can, but we’ve always believed that wine should be approachable and easy to enjoy,” flipflop winemaker James Foster said in a release.

And in the cocktail world, the Kinky Beverage Co., St. Paul, Minn., is expanding its brand with its August launch of Extra Kinky—a 16-ounce canned cocktail that comes in three flavors: Pink, Blue and Gold.