Top C-Store Nonalcohol Beverages That Rate Highest With Hispanic Women

At an average age of 31, Hispanic women are entering their prime earning years and have made great educational and entrepreneurial gains, which have contributed to their economic power, according to findings in the Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic DST Multi Market 2016 report.

These women have increasingly become the breadwinners and purchase decision makers in their households, and retailers and marketers have an opportunity for growth if they are able to understand and tap into these consumers’ spending habits, according to the report.

When Hispanic women make purchases, they are striking a balance between buying the brands they trust and making a sound financial choice. Sixty-eight percent of them agree that if a product is made by a company they trust, they will buy it, even if it is slightly more expensive.

However, 72% agree that price is more important than quality, and 67% agree that they will stock up if a food item is on sale. Her cost-conscious attitude is further reinforced by where she shops. Hispanic women are 21% more likely to shop at warehouse clubs and spend 11% more at these stores than non-Hispanic women. Their search for low prices could be attributed in part to their larger household sizes and the fact that children are more likely to be present in the home, according to Nielsen Scarborough.

Across age groups, Hispanic women spend more on bottled water and refrigerated and shelf-stable juice drinks than non-Hispanic women. They are more likely to have a variety of nonalcohol beverages on a weekly basis, including bottled teas, energy drinks and sports drinks.

Click through to see the top 10 beverages consumed over a seven-day period by U.S.-born Hispanic women 18 years and older. 

Retailers take note: Fifty-eight percent of Hispanic women 18 years and older consumed a regular carbonated soft drink over any seven-day stretch, making it the top beverage of choice across 10 drink options.

One new CSD option: Coca-Cola renamed Coca-Cola Zero and bestowed it with a revamped look and taste. The new recipe is now called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. It tastes like Coke but has no sugar or calories.

Bottled water is consumed over any seven-day period by 50% of U.S.-born Hispanic women 18 years and older.

One new offering, Lifewtr (PepsiCo) premium bottled water, is pH-balanced with electrolytes added for taste. The bottle serves as a canvas for art and design by featuring rotating label motifs created by emerging artists.

Orange juice is consumed by 38% of Hispanic women at least once in a seven-day stretch.

Now available at retail, Ripe Craft Juices and Bar Juices (cocktail mixers) are cold-pressed and made with non-GMO fruits. The Craft Juice line comes in seven flavors, including orange.

Bottled tea is consumed by 33% of Hispanic women during a seven-day stretch.

Matchaah Inc. expanded distribution of its tea-based products throughout the Midwest and on Amazon. Matchaah’s products are Matchaah Shots and Matchaah Instant Latte. The shots of matcha tea come in 2.5-ounce containers in raspberry, lemon-lime and blueberry flavors.

Any other fruit juice or fruit drink is purchased by 30% of Hispanic women during a seven-day stretch.

Starbucks Refreshers contain a blend of real fruit juice, coconut water and caffeine. The beverage comes in three flavors: Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Passion Fruit and Black Cherry Limeade. 

Specialty coffee is consumed by 27% of Hispanic women in a seven-day stretch.

Stok’s Cold-Brew Iced Coffee (DanoneWave) in single-serve bottles allow operators to offer cold brew while skirting the time and labor it takes to produce craft coffee. The 13.7-ounce bottles are available in Mocha, Vanilla and Black Not Too Sweet varieties. The drinks are made with simple ingredients such as reduced-fat milk and cane sugar.

Any diet carbonated soft drink was consumed over any seven-day period by 25% of U.S.-born Hispanic women 18 years and older, according to the Nielsen Scarborough Hispanic DST Multi Market 2016 report. 

Any sports drink was purchased by 24% of Hispanic women in a seven-day stretch.

Limited-edition 32-ounce Powerade Lemonade is formulated with the ION4 Advanced Electrolyte System and helps replace four electrolytes lost in sweat.

Juice drinks are consumed by 19% of Hispanic women during a seven-day stretch.

Frey Farms added a new juice to its line of cold-pressed watermelon juices. Watermelon + Coconut Water Blend offers increased hydration.

Energy drinks are consumed by 12% of Hispanic women in a seven-day stretch.

4 Purpose Energy Drink is a lightly carbonated raspberry-pomegranate-flavored drink. It’s certified organic, vegan, kosher, and made with fair trade organic cane sugar. The caffeine content is a bit more than that of an espresso shot.