12 Innovative Packages

paper bags

Packaged goods companies are innovating with packaging that is more functional and better delivers the message they want to convey, while also catering to customer wants and needs.

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1. Nissin Top Ramen

nissin top ramen chili

Nissin Top Ramen responded to consumer demand for reduced sodium and fewer artificial ingredients by updating its entire product line to remove added MSG and artificial flavors and reduce sodium. With the change came modernized packaging that calls out the brand’s two vegetarian flavors: Soy Sauce (formerly called Oriental) and Chili.

2. Mentos Pure Fresh Gum

mentos pure fresh gum

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum’s new Wallet Packs incorporate Velcro’s Press-Lok closure system. Perfetti Van Melle integrated the easy-to-use sensory closure into the pocket-friendly packaging to ensure product stays sealed and fresh, the company said. Available in Fresh Mint, Spearmint and Watermelon flavors, the wallet-sized packs contain 12 pieces of sugar-free Mentos Pure Fresh Gum. The Press-Lok closure is designed with a thin profile so consumers can easily fit the small package into their pocket or handbag.

3. Sabra

sabra hummus

Sabra Dipping Co. recently unveiled a fresh logo and packaging design for its complete portfolio of hummus varieties. The rebranding includes an updated logo, restyled label design and original on-pack photography highlighting the fresh, plant-based ingredients for which the brand is known. The Sabra sun is recast as a chickpea, and a clear window communicates transparency.

4. Newcastle Brown Ale

newcastle brown ale

Newcastle Brown Ale unveiled a new look and a localized plan for domestic growth under management of Five Points Trading Co., Heineken’s venture aimed at incubating a range of premium global beer brands in the United States. Newcastle Brown Ale’s new primary and secondary packaging highlights the vibrant gold, blue and orange colors of the brand’s identity, resulting in improved visibility, the company said.

Photograph courtesy of Heineken USA

5. Oberto

oberto jerky

Last winter, Oberto began offering its three signature jerky flavors—Original, Teriyaki and Peppered—in a 9-ounce clear bag that capitalizes on consumer preferences for transparent packages in the products they buy. 

6. Tree Top

tree top apple sauce

Tree Top introduced a clear, see-through pouch for its namesake apple sauce so consumers could see the product prior to eating. The new lineup includes six healthy, on-the-go fruit pouches made from 100% U.S. apples grown from local orchards, the company said.

7. KonaRed

kona red cold brew coffee

KonaRed, maker of premium Hawaiian coffee, unveiled new labels and multiserve 32-ounce bottles for its ready-to-drink KonaRed Cold Brew Coffees. Inspired by the tropical island vibes of Hawaii, each design communicates KonaRed’s commitment to its rich Kona coffee heritage, all-natural ingredients and nutrient-dense Hawaiian coffee fruit valued for its health properties, the company said.

Photograph courtesy of KonaRed

8. Jack Link’s

jack links cold crafted

Jack Link’s Cold Crafted line brings the best of Wisconsin delicacies—smoked meat and cheese—together in one package. The new snack pack with 100% beef and real Wisconsin cheese is available in three varieties: Smoked Meat Sticks (Original, Loaded With Pepper Jack, Loaded With Cheddar Cheese); Beef and Cheese Bites; and Smoked Meat Sticks and Cheese (Cheddar and Pepper Jack).

9. RifRaf Ricotta Cups

rifraf ricotta cups

In April, RifRaf Ricotta Cups debuted what it called the first-of-its-kind snackable ricotta cheese offering in five flavors: Serrano Pepper Honey, Wildflower Honey, Sun-Dried Tomato, Strawberry Balsamic and Meyer Lemon. Packaged in 4.6-ounce cups, the spoonable ricotta features a sidecar of flavored jams and honeys.

10. Xyience

xyience 4 packs

Xyience unveiled its energy drink can redesign by introducing a new four-pack package. The redesign features a crisp white background and larger, more prominent placement of the product’s zero-calorie/zero-sugar benefits. Each can has a colored band that helps consumers differentiate among flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Xyience

11. Noosa Yoghurt

noosa yoghurt  2-in-1

Noosa Yoghurt’s customizable 2 in 1 line is regarded as a first for the yogurt category. The proprietary side-by-side design offers two separate, complementary flavors in a single container, allowing consumers to mix, dip and swirl any way they choose or enjoy each flavor separately. The rollout resulted from extensive consumer testing where the company saw a strong desire for customization and mashup potential, it said.

12. Totino’s Pizza Rolls

general mills totinos pizza rolls

Arriving at convenience stores as a foodservice option are Totino’s Pizza Rolls from General Mills Convenience. The  small bites of pepperoni pizza rolled in a snackable crust come in packaging exclusive to convenience stores. It features two opening options for easy on-the-go eating. Shipped frozen, the hot, ready-to-eat snack option is easy to prep and package in-store.

Photograph courtesy of General Mills