4 Profiles of U.S. Snackers

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A new snacking poll commissioned by Plano, Texas-based Frito-Lay North America reveals geographic trends that might be instructive to retailers as they set their in-store merchandising strategies.

Published March 4 to commemorate National Snack Day in the United States, the Frito-Lay survey polled 2,200 respondents and divided them into different flavor and consumption profiles: Daredevil Foodie, The Traditionalist, Sweet Tooth and Last-Minute Friend.

“National Snack Day is a perfect occasion for Frito-Lay to engage with consumers and see how they would define their persona when it came to the types of snacks they bring to a party,” said Steven Williams, senior vice president of sales and chief commercial officer of Frito-Lay North America. “From the Daredevil Foodie snackers looking for a little spice or an unexpected flavor to The Traditionalist who goes for the classic and timeless options, National Snack Day is a celebration of all types of snackers.”

Read on for a closer look at the four U.S. snacking profiles.

Image courtesy of Frito-Lay North America

The Traditionalist

lays smoked gouda chives

The most common type of snacker, The Traditionalist is a purist who prefers potato chips, nuts or seeds. They are most likely to live in New York and California, according to the survey results. As Traditionalists, many Angelenos specifically prefer cheesy and spicy snacks. One recent example: Lay’s Smoked Gouda & Chive, Chicken & Waffles and Wavy Truffle Fries chips.

Photograph courtesy of Frito-Lay North America

Daredevil Foodie

doritos blazin buffalo explosion

The second most popular snack profile, Daredevil Foodies are all about bold and spicy flavors. They most commonly are young adults living in Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles and Miami. The Daredevil Foodie likes to reach for bold and spicy flavors that are infused with cheese. Recent example: Doritos Blazin’ Buffalo Explosion Mix.

Photograph courtesy of Frito-Lay North America

Sweet Tooth

grandmas homestyle chocolate brownie

Third up, respondents in Texas and Michigan are more likely to have a sweet tooth with a preference for candy and cookie snacks. That said, 2 in 5 Sweet Tooth consumers will opt to bring potato chips to a party, according to the survey report. One example: Grandma's cookies, which come in flavors such as Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip. 

Photograph courtesy of Frito-Lay North America

Last-Minute Friends

smart food delight

Last-Minute Friends is the fourth coalition of snackers. One in 4 snackers say they tend to pick up popcorn to bring to a party. The survey whittled the profile down very narrowly, too, stating that Last-Minute Friends are most likely to live in the state of Illinois. Recent example: Frito-Lay's Smartfood Delight line of popcorn, which comes in flavors such as White Cheddar, Sea Salted Caramel and Chipotle Aged Cheddar. 

Photograph courtesy of Frito-Lay North America