Behind the Brand: Craving Cake and Consistency

Bakery revitalizes packaging to make its pastries pop on store shelves

When I stopped by the Prairie City Bakery booth at The NRA Show in May, I saw (and tasted) the company’s familiar displays of decadent sweets: Ooey Gooey Butter Cakes, breakfast delicacies, cookies, brownies, butter cakes … (Wait, did I say that one already?) But something had changed.

The packaging for the company’s individually wrapped sweets looked different. And it caught my eye—which was part of Prairie City’s plan all along.

“We wanted to refresh our product line by adding more exciting colors to the packaging,” says Taylor Turner, marketing manager for Prairie City Bakery, Vernon Hills, Ill. “The new, colorful packaging pops off the shelf and is appealing to the eye.”

The color on the front of each package corresponds with the product’s key ingredients: deep, rich red for cinnamon rolls, cherry red for (you guessed it) cherry strudel, etc. It creates a sense of consistency across what is a diverse range of products. “The new look features a bold color scheme, which increases visibility and gives character to each product. The items are color-coded with easily recognizable flavor indicators, making them simple to shop,” Turner says.

The addition of color certainly is eye-catching. But it’s the baked-good itself that shines through. The new packaging, like the old, is clear. It allows the customer to feel like “what you see is what you get,” she says. “Consumers tend to eat with their eyes, so we kept the packaging vibrant, yet at a minimum, so the product is still visible and its delicious appearance could speak for itself.”

Taylor says the refresh has added excitement to the line. And retailers and customers alike are noticing.

“We have continually received positive feedback on the new look,” she says. “Our retailers and customers enjoy the colorful packaging and the consistent look of the product line.”