Get in on the Gridiron Opportunity

There’s a lot of it to be made with on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl viewers across the country stock up on nearly 166 million pounds of snacks before the game, according to Kristen Hamby, category manager of grocery and snacks for McLane, Temple, Texas.

This increased foot traffic in c-stores results mainly in salty-snacks purchases. “They are looking for a variety of foods that are casual, easy to eat and often have the feeling of ‘bar food’ such as pizza, wings, chips, dips and chili,” Hamby says.

Keeping it real is ideal, she says: “Super Bowl food usually entails a good mix of both homemade, store-bought and ready-to-eat foods. Most rely on tried-and-true recipes, although they may try one to two new ideas if feeling adventurous. Popular store-bought items include take-and-bake and frozen pizzas, chips and salsa.”

Ellen Determan, who along with husband Pat co-owns Lyons Filling Station in Clinton, Iowa, takes a page from the fresh-pizza playbook every season, offering a take-and-bake special with their homemade pizzas. They also make sure shelves are fully stocked with chips, salsa and dip.

“Good Super Bowl business depends on a lot of things in Iowa,” she says. “Weather being the first, and who is playing the second. … If it’s the Bears or Packers, you are sure to have a successful Super Bowl Sunday. If you have a foot of new snow, probably not as much business.”

At Heath, Ohio-based Englefield Oil Co.’s Duchess Shoppes, Super Bowl sales are on par with other holidays. “It’s beer, chips, energy drinks and snacks,” says John Tomlinson, director of purchasing and merchandising. “The key is to be in stock of all of these items—and then some.”

Kris Kingsbury, marketing and merchandise manager for Robinson Oil Corp., Santa Clara, Calif., has a name for consumer brands that sell especially well during Super Bowl season at the company’s 34 Rotten Robbie convenience stores: “At Super Bowl time, there is a power of three: Pepsi, Frito-Lay and Budweiser.”

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