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What’s Up With Swisher?

We decided to do our own version of the New Product Pacesetters list by analyzing data on, identifying the most-clicked products since the site’s launch in October ­2015. What we found surprised even us.

You, dear reader, are very curious about everything Swisher. The cigar manufacturer dominated the list, taking 50% of the overall top 10.

In fact, the overall list reflects interest in tobacco products of all kinds. IRI’s No. 1 c-store New Product Pacesetter, Vuse, made the list, as did another cigar. Snacks are also likewise represented, with Snyder’s-Lance taking the No. 2­ slot with its introduction of Sweet and Salty Pretzel Pieces, gluten-free snacks, new Cape Cod chip flavors and more.

Two more products trends made it into the top 10: popular product reintroductions, represented by Little Debbie, and alternative alcohol drinks by Henry’s Hard Soda.

Take a look at the list below, and visit­10 to see a slideshow of our most-clicked products.

10. Swisher Sweets Black Cigarillos

9. R.J. Reynolds Vuse FOB with Bluetooth

8. Henry’s Hard Soda

7. Swisher Sweets Encore Edition

6. Little Debbie Zebra Cake Rolls, Brownies and Nutty Bars

5. Swisher Sweets Finest Fusion Mini Cigarillos

4. Swisher Sweets Wild Rush

3. John Middleton/Altria Black & Mild Casino

2. Snyder’s-Lance’s trove of new snacks

1. Swisher Sweets Cherry Dynamite Cigarillo

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