Truly Good Foods Treat4u and Southern Sweets

truly good foods treat4u
Packaged snacks
Snack mixes and sweet-coated nuts are joining the brand’s better-for-you lineup.

Truly Good Foods is adding Southern Sweets and Treat4u snack items to its better-for-you lineup that also includes York’s Harvest Garden Chips, ReCharge natural snack mixes and Flavored Pretzel Bags. Treat4u are 1-ounce snack bags that offer a healthy boost of energy, the company says. Seven varieties are available, including Almonds, Moonburst, Fruit Bowl and Sunshine Blend. Southern Sweets is a line of sweet-coated nuts. Varieties include Praline Pecans, Praline Nut Mix and Butter Toffee Peanuts.

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