Cummins Allison Money Machine 2 self-service coin counter

cummins self service coin counter
Coin machine
System helps operators reduces coin pickup costs
To ensure continuous processing for coin-intensive operations, the manufacturer is adding a dual-bin coin collection unit to its product line. Money Machine 2 self-service coin counter provides operators additional flexibility for coin collection while reducing coin pickup costs. Featuring a combined total capacity of 140,000 mixed coins, Money Machine 2 is regarded by the manufacturer as the only self-service coin machine to offer four coin collection options: bag-capture in 16-bag units; bag capture in 8-bag units; single-bin unit with a coin capacity of 70,000 mixed coins; and a dual-bin unit with a combined total of 140,000 mixed coins. Operators can opt for placement of the machines or elect to lease, rent or own. 
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