Steve Dwyer

CSP Reporter

Consumers are intrigued by the innovation boost and are paying more for premium popcorn, says Susan Viamari, vice president of thought leadership for Chicago-based IRI.

Advocacy cards

Advocating for customers is fast becoming the new way retailers should approach customer relationship-building beyond simple loyalty efforts.

By The Numbers

Supermarkets are under siege. And so are QSRs, fast-casuals and c-stores. The effect of e-commerce on traditional retail channels is well documented.

rotten robbie

Super Bowl 50 is approaching and the opportunity for sales and promotion is becoming more and more prominent for bay-area retailers.

breakfast sandwich

Consumers’ increasingly fast-paced lifestyles, growing interest in morning fare at nontraditional times and extended all-day breakfast programs are fueling the trend.

target outside

Target focuses on blending online and in-store capabilities with their new Target LA25 initiative. What can you learn from them?

people shopping

Consumers are branching out significantly, witness their hard-to-gauge multi-channel shopping habits. Factor in the role of e-commerce.


With Christmas in the rear-view mirror, consumer packaged goods companies are focusing on the next auspicious money-making holiday—the Super Bowl.

anthony idoor

With customer attention spans on a shorter and shorter leash, the iDOOR technology serves as an attention grabber.

credit card hook

Financial services promise store traffic and additional sales, especially when you consider the 7.7% of the U.S. population that is unbanked and 20% that is underbanked.


Sometimes nostalgia takes the form of retro packaging, or in some cases it’s the return of a discontinued brand, in the case of many products.

5 hour energy

Once limited to a couple of flavors and a single payoff—boosting energy—energy shots today feature a trove of benefits that cater to core and casual users.