Steve Dwyer

CSP Reporter
5 hour energy

Dash In stores have added merchandising muscle to the subcategory this year with a new 5-hour Energy display rack that features attractive graphics and is also functional.

panera bread

Store refreshes have less to do with what the customer sees and more to do with the things they don’t. In this case, the culprit was the back-room operations.

canned foods

Manufacturers and retailers have been resistant to turn away from their “old” pricing and promotion strategies, according to Chicago-based IRI.

frozen food

Despite manufacturers best promotional and merchandising intentions, certain products still fall flat on convenience-store shelves.


Many popular convenience store brands and products are starting to be brought back from the dead after much consumer demand.

specialty foods

This niche food segment was once considered out of a convenience-store retailer’s league. Today millennials and other factors are propelling the specialty-food opportunity.

marianos hot bar

Supermarkets have identified reasons why people reach for prepared meals other than to treat themselves or because they’re pressed for time.


Some pumpkin flavors are now available year-round while others are reintroduced earlier and earlier in advance of the fall season, and consumers are eating it up.

specialty foods

Recent evidence is showing that catering to male consumers is just one of several viable opportunities for marketers and retailers of specialty foods.

monster energy drink

Mark Gil says the popular longtime Monster promotion of three for $5 will probably shift to a new, higher price point as the Coca-Cola partnership transition continues.

energy drinks

Lots of product segments have their ebbs and flows, their bouts with droughts. But when was the last time the energy-drink segment slumped?


Consumers love their leftovers. But that love affair could be affecting your foodservice program's bottom line.