Steve Dwyer

CSP Reporter

Brands and suppliers vie for share of increasingly fragmented wine market; an overflowing new-product pipeline has also now become the wine segment’s burden.

Limited-time pizza offerings across various channels, including c-stores, are whetting the appetites of consumers whose palates are yearning for the fun and exotic.

Natural, craft CSDs are becoming a consumer craze, with millennials ahead of the trend

C-stores, unlike other retail channels that are primed to offer couponing and rebate programs to their customers both in-store and remotely, have been slower to adopt the burgeoning technology.

Millennials are more likely to buy salty snacks this year than they were in 2014

Buying groceries and ordering food via smartphone or tablet is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity, according to Nielsen. And c-stores should be ready to accommodate this evolution

Of all the various alcohol beverage segments, wine consumers overindex on diversity. Wine drinkers are considered more likely to try new types of wines than consumers of spirits and beer are.

According to The NPD Group, customers are paying greater attention to pizza. Servings of pizza sold in the c-store arena rose 9% in the year ending May 2015, according to The NPD Group’s SupplyTrack study.

Food and beverage “mashups” have reawakened a consumer base eager to add a spark to their culinary experiences. But even the idea of Cronuts eventually goes stale due to overexposure.

New report defines how consumers interact online with food culture and retailers. The study provides an overview on how consumers are using digital platforms to interact with online food companies, brick-and-mortar food retailers, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and foodservice...

Retailers can jazz up general-merchandise departments with this hot mover and shaker.

Gum sales rebounded in 2014 as marketers placed more emphasis on development of core flavors—such as mint—plus new packaging and a tighter category focus.