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Sally Lyons Wyatt, client services director for Chicago-based IRI, outlined seven trends that are driving consumers' snacking behavior.

While U.S. consumers are feeling particularly bullish about their financial conditions, they still have a strong desire to purchase high-quality products for a value or at deep discounts. And convenience stores have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this.

Mountain Dew Kickstart Fruit Punch

Efficiencies and a laser focus are driving CPG’s innovation process—with even faster speed to market.

Gum is on the upswing in convenience stores – stay clever about merchandising and marketing to keep its momentum positive.

From mobile coupons to online reviews, consumers are using their phones to enhance their brick-and-mortar shopping experiences.

With the snacking industry projected to reach $200 billion by 2020, there’s no doubt about the category’s bright future. The secret: Attracting millennials and baby boomers—the consumers who are driving much of the growth.

Technology drives art in The Coca-Cola Co.’s latest bottling innovation

It turns out consumers have a thirst for both national brands and private labels during any given shopping occasion, according to a recent webinar sponsored by Chicago-based IRI. It falls to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies and retailers to decipher this decision-making process.

As the prime tobacco customer of convenience retailers, Bubba isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But if c-store retailers play their cards right, he could be getting a sidekick: Nancy

The flat-screen TVs mounted high in Sam Odeh’s suburban Chicago Power Mart c-stores encourage customers to sample his confection specials.

Specialty-foods industry pinpoints c-stores as growth vehicle, identifies 2015 trends

Manufacturers continue to capitalize on the propulsive trend toward around-the-clock snacking, offering consumers different ways to engage their brands through health, excitement and indulgence.