Steve Dwyer

CSP Reporter

The U.S. economy made significant positive strides in 2014, but improvements are taking longer than expected to ripple through the population, according to IRI’s Q4 2014 MarketPulse survey.

Homes rely on strong curb appeal to get sold, and c-store retailers depend on the same concept to close their own deals. Tantalizing foodservice displays with warm lights and colorful graphics entice customers to sample an entrée.

In an indirect way, the two camps have an opportunity to solve the buying riddle that dogs many consumers, ultimately providing maximum shopping fulfillment.

CSP tobacco displays

A growing number of c-store retailers are assuming a higher financial stake with their in-store tobacco displays, and the added responsibility is yielding more dynamic units that offer flexibility for an evolving category.

pile of firewood

As we trudge through the cold heart of winter, consider ways to capitalize on firewood sales to warm your customers' homes.

With cocoa costs still up, will retailers raise prices? Will consumers cut back?

If there was any preconceived notion that snacking was an exclusively American phenomenon, guess again. Everybody’s doing it.

Marking the first positive dollar-sales performance in more than a year, total carbonated soft drink (CSD) dollar sales rose 0.7% during the four-week period ending Aug. 2, 2014, according to Nielsen.

Snacking is now considered a “mega category” by Nielsen, with $374 billion in annual global sales. The United States alone accounts for 31% of that pot o’ gold, with a growth rate of 2% annually. How can c-stores ensure they’re staying relevant to evolving snacking needs?

cocoa prices on the rise

What rising prices mean to you, and how to avoid a slip in sales

A pillar of the overall confection category, gum has been heading south from a dollar and unit perspective for some time. And while manufacturers are attempting to change direction with new products, all that innovation is part of the problem.

A watershed period for snack bars likely commenced about 18 months ago, perhaps coinciding with more consumers opting for mini-meal consumption throughout the day, coupled with increasingly busy lifestyles.