7 Products to Streamline Operations From the 2018 NACS Show®

nacs show fabulous las vegas

Frictionless retail is moving beyond the checkout counter and into store operations. Whether through analytics engines, promotion generators or advances in point-of-sale (POS) technology, suppliers at the 2018 NACS Show in Las Vegas brought tools to give retailers more options and more time.

Click through for a small sample of the many tech products making operations simpler for c-store retailers.

Photograph by W. Scott Mitchell

1. Koupon Insights

offersight demo screen

As the 2018 NACS Show launched Oct. 7, so did Koupon Media’s new promotion engine, Koupon Insights. The online dashboard employs machine learning, which sifts through promotional data to help retailers determine the best deals for products.

Insights is meant for retailers looking to replace gut instinct with data when it comes to picking promotions. Retailers can choose a product they want to promote on a simple dashboard and whether they want the promotion to run as a combo or for just one item. The system generates plenty of different promotions to choose from and rates each on a scale from one to 10 based on the lift and return on investment predicted by the system.

Photograph courtesy of Koupon Media

2. PaySafe PumpConnect

pay safe pump connect diagram

PaySafe PumpConnect from ControlScan could offer a solution for retailers saddled with unconquerable EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) equipment and installation fees. The hardware wirelessly connects fuel dispensers to the store so retailers can avoid spending the time and money it takes to tear up their forecourt, making EMV installation that much more affordable.

The product also supports video feeds at the pump. Additionally, the wireless connection is encrypted and there are no visible access points, making it more difficult for hackers, shimmers and other bad actors to infiltrate a store’s outside POS.

Photograph courtesy of ControlScan

3. NCR Mobile Payments

ncr mobile pay

During the show, NCR announced Enmarket Convenience Stores will launch NCR Mobile Payments in the coming months.

The new mobile tool allows retailers to tender payments beyond the store through a cloud-based platform and can deliver personalized mobile offers to customers. The platform supports a variety of mobile wallets and card schemes. The tool also opens a path to online ordering and delivery. Retailers can either integrate the NCR mobile payment solution into their existing mobile app or use capabilities from the program to build their own app.

Photograph courtesy of NCR

4. Excentus Elevate

pdi excentus loyalty

PDI’s recent acquisition of Excentus has spawned a loyalty management platform that is designed to take no more than a few minutes a month to oversee.

Excentus Elevate includes four dashboards users can navigate to study loyalty program analytics at the individual store level. PDI has negotiated with CPG brands to offer sample promotions, or retailers can build their own promotions through the platform. It even allows users to immediately generate and request PDI to print and send signage that corresponds with the retailer’s chosen promotion.

Photograph courtesy of PDI

5. E-Z Receipt

verifone ez receipt

Verifone launched its E-Z Receipt software the day the conference floor opened. Retailers using Verifone’s Commander Site Controller can give customers the option to enroll in E-Z receipt at a gas pump or an in-store PIN pad.

The customer enters their phone number and receives a text message with a link that lets them quickly enroll in the program. Once enrolled, customers can receive their receipt via text or email instead of a physical copy when they use the same payment card. The software could help retailers save on paper and printer maintenance costs; it cuts down on waste and could streamline the customer experience.

Photograph by CSP Staff

6. White LED Price Watcher

watchfire white led

Digital-signage supplier Watchfire had its white LED Price Watcher on display at the NACS Show. The new signage option is built to be clearly read even in exceptionally sunny conditions, and character sizes range from 8 inches to 24 inches. The white LED option is a new addition to Watchfire’s lineup; it provides retailers with an option that can be placed beside any brand without worry of clashing colors.

Photograph by CSP Staff

7. Refresh and Refuel

coke refuel refresh

And unexpectedly in the Coca-Cola Co. booth, the beverage manufacturer featured its use of near-field communication (NFC) tap-and-pay technology to let shoppers purchase items from inside the store while they are standing at the pump. The Refresh and Refuel program is currently in test, with the goal of driving customers from the pump into the c-store.

Photograph courtesy of Coca-Cola Co.