Minnow Pickup Pod

Minnow Pickup Pod
Pickup solution
Individually insulated cubbies keep food hot or cold for up to 90 minutes.

Hatco Corp.’s Pickup Pod, propelled by Minnow, helps automate customer and delivery pickups. With ambient, individually insulated cubbies that keep food hot or cold for up to 90 minutes, this self-service pickup solution provides a safer, more convenient way for customers to get their to-go food orders, according to the company.

Company details
Hatco Corp.

Hatco Corporation is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based, employee-owned company with a history of 65 years of excellence in the quality design, production and servicing of holding and warming equipment. In 2009, Hatco introduced its Refrigerated Drop-In Well, bringing the same Hatco quality and excellence to the cooling side of its foodservice product line.


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