5 Products You Can’t Miss

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New product innovation has been ubiquitous throughout August. Every week, Convenience Store Products analyzes some of the newest foods, beverages, snacks and candies hitting retailers’ shelves. This week’s group examines the usual snacking products—especially yogurt—and even highlights what could be a gold mine for people prone to cold sores.

Here’s a look …

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1. Merix Releev


Cold sore treatment provider Merix Pharmaceutical Corp. has launched Releev, a one-day cold sore treatment, in select drug stores and convenience stores nationwide.

The product contains Viracea, a proprietary formula that was found to heal cold sores in 24 hours during initial testing. Releev eases the pain of cold sores in less than 10 minutes, relieves other symptoms within 24 hours and stops skin irritation after application, according to Merix.

2. Mentos 'Say Hello'

mentos say hello

Perfetti Van Melle has launched new limited-edition Mentos for its Pay It Forward Campaign, a collaboration with nonprofit Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. The Mentos are called “Say Hello” candies, with each individual mint inscribed with a greeting message, such as “High Five,” “Fist Bump” and “Tell a Joke.”

Perfetti has committed to donating up to $100,000 during the campaign, which will run until Oct. 31. Shoppers can text the word “Mentos” to a designated code seen on a Mentos/Pay It Forward store display to receive a digital Mentos coupon. For every text, Perfetti will donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters.

3. Fresh Cravings Snack Packs

fresh cravings salsa

Refrigerated salsa brand Fresh Cravings has added a new grab-and-go product, Fresh Cravings Snack Packs. The packs bring excitement to kids' school lunches, curb after-school appetites and offer a healthier snack option for on-the-go parents, according to the company.

The salsa is made with fresh tomatoes, hand-picked vegetables and various spices, while the snack packs include a handful of tortilla chips. Fresh Craving’s snack packs are sold in select retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $1.78.

4. Stonyfield Snack Packs

stonyfield snack pack

Stonyfield Organic has added three new products to its line of organic yogurt and snacks: Strawberry Low-Fat Yogurt With Graham Crackers, Chocolate Low-Fat Yogurt With Graham Crackers and Chocolate Low-Fat Yogurt With Pretzels. The pretzels and crackers are meant for dipping, according to the company. Each snack is made without toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics and GMOs.

5. Nancy's 100% Grass-Fed Yogurt

nancy's yogurt

Organic dairy manufacturer Springfield Creamery has added a new line of 100% grass-fed yogurt to its Nancy’s Probiotic Foods brand. The yogurts come in four flavors: Plain, Vanilla, Ginger Peach and Blueberry Lavender—all of which are available at select retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $1.99 to $5.69, depending on the size.  

Each 6-ounce container holds 41 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of live probiotics, which support immune systems and digestive health, according to the company. The yogurts are kosher, certified organic, non-GMO and free of pectin, gelatins and thickeners.