Anchor Packaging Crystal Classics® Bowls and Lids

Anchor Packaging Crystal Classics® Bowls and Lids
Attractive black or clear bases for salads, cut fruit, cheese, and more.

Crystal Classics® bowls are ready to increase your salad sales.  Available in black or clear 7” and 8” square bowls or 7” and 8.5” round bowls from 12  to 48 ounces. The clear, leak-resistant dome lids allow you to mound food to increase visibility on grab and go displays and prevents messy spills while on the go.  The smooth, angled side design of the square bowls maximize the value perception of more food and the fresh, appealing presentation drives impulse sales.  Traditional round bowls require less shelf space and are perfect for smaller displays.   

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Anchor Packaging

Leading manufacturer of foodservice packaging to increase sales of grab ‘n go prepared foods. Hinged and two-piece containers with clear, no fog lids keep food fresh & appealing to drive impulse sales in eye-catching designs with secure leak-resistant lids for microwavable, hot and cold foods. Tamper-evident, clear hinged containers offer the latest technology to protect nuts, snacks, and other foods on the shelf with a consumer-preferred one-step opening feature. Manufacture all-purpose cling film wraps.

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