Just How Many Customers Value the Freshness of Your Food?

Delis can provide real, fresh, quality meal solutions in the c-store
fresh food

Here is what consumers want: good, fresh meal solutions. Here’s how you can provide it: in the deli.

Eighty percent of your shoppers think food quality and freshness are critical. When those same shoppers were asked by Tyson to indicate exactly why they buy prepared foods from a deli, quality and freshness were most important, with 69% designating value as the biggest driver.

In fact, according to Tyson’s DeliInsider newsletter, 68% of consumers report that the value of a grocery’s deli vs. casual dining is the same, for example. Unfortunately, 50% feel that way when asked about quality and taste. This represents a lot of opportunity.

“Shoppers can get value and convenience with just about any prepared food establishment, so communicating freshness and quality are the best way to compete for larger share of meal solutions,” the company said.

The opportunity stretches beyond consumer perception—delis grew more than 6% over the last 52 weeks.

“Delis that focus on quality, freshness and product execution in stores are able to  command a higher price point and still lead in volume growth,” Tyson said.