2018 Hot 100 Products: 25-1

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More than half the items in the top 25 of Convenience Store Products' 2018 Hot 100 list are tobacco products. The list features the most clicked products on CStoreProductsOnline.com from Oct. 1, 2017, through Oct. 1, 2018. Here's a look at the top 25.

Photograph by Jason Little

25. Capriccio Bubbly Sangria

capriccio bubbly sangria

Florida Caribbean Distillers

Capriccio Bubbly Sangria is made with premium grape wine; real fruit juices, including orange and pineapple; and 100% natural fruit flavors. It has no preservatives and an ABV of 13.9%. A four-pack of 375-mL bottles is available for an SRP of $9.99, and a 750-mL bottle has an SRP of $3.99.

Photograph courtesy of Florida Caribbean Distillers

24. Ooey Gooey Butter Cakes

prairie city ooey cooey cake

Prairie City Bakery

Available in Original, Lemon and Cinnamon flavors, individually wrapped 2-ounce Ooey Gooey Butter Cakes from Prairie City Bakery are a two-layer treat. The bottom layer consists of a buttery yellow cake, and the top layer is a rich, flaky mixture of cream cheese, sugar and egg. Also available for retailers is a three-tier Ooey Gooey counter rack that’s free with product purchase.

Photograph courtesy of Prairie City Bakery

23. Winston Black

winston black

ITG Brands

The latest addition to ITG Brands’ portfolio, Winston Black cigarettes have a smooth, balanced and full-flavor taste, the company says. Its packaging has an embossed texture and honeycomb pattern. Winston Black is available in king-size and 100s in a cork filter tip.

Photograph courtesy of ITG Brands

22. Chester’s International Signature Seasoning

chesters signature seasonings

Chester’s International

Chesters International’s Spice it Up promotion encourages operators to spice up their menu items with Kickin’ Cajun, Smoky BBQ or Spicy Chipotle bottled signature seasoning varieties. The promotion launches August 1 at participating locations, encouraging operators to pair seasonings with Chester’s Fried Chicken menu items. With more than 50 years experience in retail foodservice, the manufacturer is offering this promotion to provide customers with an opportunity to customize the family's secret chicken recipe with signature seasoning options.

Photograph courtesy of Chester’s International

21. Swisher Sweets Green Sweets Cigarillos

swisher green sweets

Swisher International Inc.

Launched to coincide with spring, Swisher Sweets Green Sweets Cigarillos are created using the naturally mild Candela leaf and feature a distinctive green color and pleasant aroma. The slow-burning Swisher Sweets Green Sweets come in a 2-count resealable pouch.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

20. Malibu Strawberry Kiwi Cans

malbu strawberry kiwi

Pernod Ricard USA

Malibu Strawberry Kiwi Cans are the newest addition to the ready-to-drink portfolio. The premixed cocktail combines strawberry and kiwi flavors with a hint of Malibu Coconut. Malibu Strawberry Kiwi Cans join the current line of flavors: Malibu Fizzy Pink Lemonade, Malibu and Pineapple and Malibu Island Spiced & Club Soda. A four-pack of 200-mL cans is available for an SRP of $9.99. A single can retails for $2.50.

Photograph courtesy of Pernod Ricard USA

19. Swisher Kayak Man Can

swisher kayak wintergreen man can

Swisher International Inc.

The new Kayak Man Can was introduced nationally at the end of October. This newly designed packaging contains 12 regular-sized cans of moist snuff tobacco and fits in a cup holder, so customers can take it in the car, truck or boat. The Man Can includes a refillable 1.2-ounce can, the equivalent of 12 cans for the price of 11. It is available in Long-Cut Wintergreen, Long-Cut Straight and Fine-Cut Natural blends. Eight Kayak Man Cans come in each case.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

18. Crocs Lighter disposable lighters

crocs disposable lighters

Crocs Lighter Inc.

A new line of disposable lighters under the Crocs brand is rolling out October 1. The Crocs line of lighters is made with a larger POM (polyoxymethlene) fuel tank and a pre-adjusted fixed flame, according to the company. Available in sparkwheel or electronic varieties, the lighters include merchandising display materials such as counter trays and a 3-tier rack program. With an SRP of $1, all lighters have proper DOT and Hazmat certification and meet ASTM standards.

Photograph courtesy of Crocs Lighter Inc.

17. Newport Smooth Select

newport select

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

Did you hear that cigarette sales were up last year? Well, up 0.1%. “We’ve seen declines in tobacco for a long time,” said Billy Milam, president of Atlanta-based RaceTrac Petroleum Inc., at the NACS State of the Industry Summit in April. “Normally I’d say this figure is flat, but I’ll take a 0.1% increase in a declining category.” It’s not too big of a stretch to assume that these very modest gains are due in part to line extensions such as Marlboro Edge and Newport Smooth Select. These smooth, premium menthol cigarettes have been called rich in flavor and worth a try by its fans on social media.

Photograph courtesy of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.

16. Mike’s Hard seasonal flavors

mikes hard tropical pink

Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.

In response to customers seeking different and refreshing tastes, according to the manufacturer, mike’s hard blackberry lemonade and mike’s hard tropical pink lemonade are rolling out as seasonal varieties. Hard blackberry is launching in the winter/spring while tropical pink lemonade represents a new summer seasonal flavor. Mike’s hard blackberry lemonade is a tart variety infused with ripe blackberries, while hard tropical pink lemonade features tropical fruits, such as pineapple and citrus, blended with lemonade.

Photograph courtesy of Mike’s Hard Lemonade Co.

15. Swisher Goodies 504

504 swisher goodies

Swisher International Inc.

A Louisiana favorite, Goodies 504 are made with a blend of imported tobaccos to deliver a smooth and rich taste. Each colorful pouch of natural leaf cigarillos celebrates New Orleans heritage by showcasing the work of local artists Diane Milsap, Amzie Adams and Diane Parks. Varieties include Natural Leaf, Chocolate Amaretto, Praline and Strawberry Daiquiri, with a two-count resealable pouch available for an SRP of $1.49 and 89 cents for a single cigar.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

14. New Image Global cigar line

new image global cigars

New Image Global Inc.

New Image Global's Royal Blunts cigar line includes two products, including Royal Blunts Cigarillos and 2XXL Cigar Wraps Kush Flavor Collection. 2XXL Cigar Wraps are extra-large wraps that offer consumers twice the product for the cost of one. They are now available in a Kush Collection.

Photograph courtesy of New Image Global Inc.

13. High-drate

high drate splash

Kona Gold LLC

Hemp-product maker Kona Gold Solutions is introducing a line of flavored energy waters infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a component of cannabis. High-drate will come in Tropical Coconut, Georgia Peach, Kiwi-Strawberry and Watermelon flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Kona Gold LLC

12. Sanis UltraClean

sanis ultra clean


Sanis UltraClean combines an indoor pressure washer and chemical injection with wet vacuum technology. The result is a sanitized restroom that looks clean and smells clean – because it is clean.

Sanis UltraClean will:

  • Improve the image of restrooms for customers and employees
  • Increase customer retention
  • Improve employee morale
  • Remove germs that cause disease, sickness, and absenteeism
  • Reduce employee turnover

Photograph courtesy of Cintas

11. RVI Evolution (RVIe) Shell reimage program

shell rvi program

DCI Marketing

The new RVI Evolution (RVIe) Shell re-image program is now approved through Commercial Zone Products. The company’s island convenience center neatly packs in one carton to save money on freight. By offering convenience on both sides of the pump with a space-saving footprint, these units will help make the impression that keeps customers coming back, according to the company. The matching waste container or recycling center works well at the pumps, entrances or other areas on the property to help keep a clean appearance.

Photograph courtesy of DCI Marketing

10. Mate 1

vappecino mate 1


Seeking to create a smart vaping lifestyle, Vapeccino’s Mate 1 is regarded as the first product in the world to adopt GCT, an advanced technology that delivers strong antioxidation, a purer taste and a prolonged vaporizer life span, according to the company. The refillable unit has an ultrathin design and vibrates when it is low on power.

Photograph courtesy of Vapeccino

9. Summer Edition Coconut Twist

red bull summer edition coconut twist

Red Bull North America

Continuing the success of its limited-time Summer Edition offerings, Red Bull released Summer Edition Coconut Twist this year. The energy drink was available from April 30 through Sept. 3. It came in a premium white can and had a light, summery coconut taste profile.

Photograph courtesy of Red Bull North America

8. Swisher Sweets Finest Fusions Mini Cigarillos

swisher sweets mini cigarillos

Swisher International Inc.

Swisher Sweets introduces Finest Fusion Mini Cigarillos with two tropical tastes: Tropical Storm and Island Bash. Tropical Storm Mini Cigarillos have a blend of citrus and raspberry while Island Bash Mini Cigarillos blend fruit punch and watermelon. The new varieties join the Swisher Sweets Mini Cigarillos line that consists of Original, Blueberry and Grape in a re-designed and re-sealable three-count foil pouch. All Mini Cigarillos are available in “Buy 2 and Get 3.”

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

7. Swisher Sweets Black Cigarillos

swisher sweets cigarillos

Swisher International Inc.

Swisher International has introduced new Swisher Sweets Black Cigarillos, with a dark maduro-like wrapper that delivers a distinctive, rich aroma as well as a slower-burning, smoother smoke. The convenient cigarillo size is ideal for today’s on-the-go lifestyles, offering retailers the opportunity to take advantage of strong consumer demand for a truly distinctive tobacco product. Exceptionally bold and smooth, the new sweet cigar is designed to appeal to those who truly savor the black-wrapper cigarillo experience. To encourage customer trials of Swisher Sweets Black Cigarillos, they are offered at special pricing: five cigars for the price of three, in addition to 25-count impulse units and box 60s, all featuring individual Sealed-Fresh foil wrapper.

Photograph courtesy of Swisher International Inc.

6. Longhorn snuff

longhorn snuff

Swedish Match North America

Longhorn snuff is now available in a 7.2-ounce value tub. The launch follows the introduction of the 14.4-ounce tub last spring. The larger size—equivalent to six cans—provides the consumer convenience with a value price. The tub comes with a refillable can and is available in six flavors and cuts: Long Cut Wintergreen, Straight and Natural, and Fine Cut Natural, Wintergreen and Mint.

Photograph courtesy of Swedish Match North America

5. Winston Select

winston select blend

ITG Brands

Winston is expanding its offering in the non-menthol gold segment with the new Select brand. The smooth blend joins the full-bodied Red style and the lighter Gold and White brands. Selects are packaged in a kings box and feature a white filter tip. The company is offering promotional support for retailers through high-value buydowns and 50-cent discounts on specially marked packs in April and June, along with point-of-sale posters, kits and counter mats.

Photograph courtesy of ITG Brands

4. Black & Mild Natural Wrap

black & mild natural wrap

Altria Group Inc.

Black & Mild Natural Wrap is the latest addition to the Black & Mild lineup. It provides a new feel with a natural leaf wrapper that’s distinctive and rich looking, with the taste and aroma the consumer expects. Also available is the lively Jazz blend, made with Middleton’s pipe tobacco for a smooth taste and pleasant aroma, available in regular and wood tip.

Photograph courtesy of Altria Group Inc.

3. Pig Out Pigless Bacon Chips

outstanding foods bacon chips

Outstanding Foods

Plant-based foods company Outstanding Foods introduced Pigless Bacon Chips, a plant-based bacon chip, in April. The crispy and salty chips come in four flavors: Original (tastes just like bacon, the company says), Cheddar, Chipotle and Kansas City BBQ. The varieties are non-GMO and chemical-free.

Photograph courtesy of Outstanding Foods

2. Backwoods Honey Berry single cigars

backwoods honey berry singles pouch

ITG Brands

New Backwoods Honey Berry single cigars from Commonwealth-Altadis offer fresh, all-natural tobacco in convenient packaging at an affordable price point (generally under $1, depending on state taxes). Backwoods’ unusual shape and frayed end differentiates it in the marketplace. It’s constructed with only filler and wrapper leaves and no binder for a smooth experience.

Photograph courtesy of ITG Brands

1. Marlboro Ice

marlboro ice

Philip Morris USA

Launched at the beginning of 2018, Marlboro Ice is a crisp, cool-to-the-finish menthol cigarette. It features resealable-pack technology—the first of its kind in the U.S. cigarette market, with the company having patents pending in the United States for the innovation, officials said.

Photograph courtesy of Philip Morris USA

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