6 Healthy Beverage Rollouts Intended for Kids

Thirty-eight percent of parents say they’re buying less juice than they did in 2018. And only 22% of parents indicate they still pack some type of fruit juice in their children’s school lunches, according to a recent survey from Pittsburgh-based consulting firm and market researcher CivicScience.

Such changes have many juice brands investing in lower-calorie options for kids as they develop “fruity waters” in single-serve boxes, the survey said. Click through to get a snapshot of six beverage rollouts that provide parents with new heathier solutions for their kids.

Photograph: Shutterstock

1. Roar Organic

Roar Organic enters the children’s market with Kids Roar, a USDA-certified organic electrolyte beverage with vitamin C that “takes the guesswork out of keeping your kids hydrated,” the supplier said. Available in three flavors—Blue Raspberry, Orange and Watermelon—Kids Roar is the first organic sports drink formulated specifically for kids, the company said. It’s non-GMO, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and contains no artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners or flavors. It also contains 25% to 63% less sugar than three leading kids juice brands, according to the company.

Photograph courtesy of Roar Organic​

2. Rethink Brands

Complementing its Kids Water line, Rethink Brands launched Rethink Juice Splash in March targeted toward children and combining health, function and flavor attributes. With a single gram of natural sugar, 5 calories per serving and no artificial sweeteners, Rethink Juice Splash is made with 95% water, naturally sweetened with 5% organic juice concentrate and enhanced with organic monk fruit. Flavors include Watermelon and Fruit Punch, with Kiwi Strawberry and Strawberry Lemonade flavors to follow.

Photograph courtesy of Rethink Brands

3. Villager Goods

Dedicated to producing nutritious, organic and affordable products, Villager Goods has introduced Little Villager, a line of flavorful, low-sugar organic beverages for kids. The no-sugar-added beverages contain 40% juice and come in Apple Juice, Pink Lemonade and Fruit Punch flavors. The varieties are available in 10-ounce single-serve bottles, three-packs of 10-ounce bottles and eight-packs of 6.75-ounce juice boxes.

Photograph courtesy of Villager Goods

4. Tropicana

Tropicana offers Tropicana Kids, a line of certified organic premium fruit-juice drinks, and Tropicana Coco Blends with a splash of coconut water. Available in Fruit Punch, Mixed Berry and Watermelon flavors, Tropicana Kids is made with 45% real fruit juice and mixed with filtered water. Tropicana Coco Blends come in Pineapple and Peach Passion Fruit. Both lines are free of artificial flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Tropicana

5. Good2grow

Fortified Water featuring Podz is the next generation of Good2grow collector tops. The drinks are enhanced waters with real organic fruit juice. The packaging is designed with kids ages 7-12 in mind. The new Podz product line features 10-ounce bottles with a clear, twist-off lid that encases a 3D character from movies and TV shows such as DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Trolls and Minions. The drinks come in Orange Mango and Raspberry Lemonade flavors.

Photograph courtesy of Good2grow

6. Borden

Milk options are also part of the healthy kids drink crusade. Parents looking for an extra nutritional boost can now reach for Borden Kid Builder from Borden Dairy Co., available in chocolate and strawberry flavors. The selection is the brand’s first 2% no-sugar-added milk geared for kids, with 50% more protein (13 grams per 240-mL serving) and calcium (490 mg per 240-mL serving) than regular milk.

Photograph courtesy of Borden Dairy