black iguana
Cocktail mixer
Unleash The Flavor. Unleash The Party. Unleash The BLACK iGUANA!

BLACK iGUANA® Cocktails are ready-to-drink and are enjoyed straight from the pouch or served chilled over ice, slushy or frozen. The perfectly blended 10oz single-serve BLACK iGUANA®Cocktail pouchescontain 5.5% alcohol/volume and are available in Classic Lime, Strawberry, Peach and Pina Colada.

BLACK iGUANA® pouches are equipped with re-closable spouts to increase the consumer’s experience. Whether consumption is straight out of the pouch or poured into a glass, it is easy and enjoyable.

“Our trademark black pouches and unique BLACK iGUANA® logo intensify the brand’s commitment to enhancing our customer’s lifestyle and image,” said Earl Castor., President and Founder, DGI Beverage.

BLACK IGUANA®Cocktails are ready-to-drink refreshing beverages that do not require any blenders, mixing or create any mess.  Unlike other beverages on the market, our trademark, hand contoured pouches allow customers to drink directly from it without creating any additional clean up. The uniquely designed BLACK iGUANA® pouch is visually stimulating and drives sales among both male and female customers, unlike the island-themed pastel branding of our competitors who predominately target women.   

Consumers can purchase BLACK iGUANA wine-based margaritas in grocery, convenience and liquor stores where applicable. Currently BLACK iGUANA is on the move.

BLACK iGUANA® launched an aggressive, multi-platform social media campaign to educate our customers, distributors and store partners about our products.  Our outreach campaign includes customer testimonials, user-generated content and daily content messaging to our thousands of followers and friends. Check out what our customers have to say on our Facebook Fan Page

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