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Stoli subtly enhances the form and function of its classic vodka package
stoli packaging

Consider the contours of a glass bottle of Coca-Cola, the feel of an iPhone cradled within your palm, or the presence of an iconic Starbucks cup in someone’s hand. Branding is just as much about the vessel as it is the mark or label upon that vessel, and the new packaging for Stolichnaya Premium Vodka takes its standard bottle and makes it uniquely Stoli’s.

In contemplating the first new look in its 80 years as a brand, Stoli Group USA packaging designers met with bartenders to “ensure that the bottle was not only aesthetically pleasing, but included practical enhancements for our partners within the trade,” says Lori Tieszen, chief marketing office for Stoli Group USA, New York. The new bottle features various curves and contours, with an embossed Stoli logo on the neck. Anti-slip embossing along the top and base helps improve pouring and control.

The label itself brings enhancements to the original, with a craft-paper texture decorated with a bolder upgrade of the main Stolichnaya logo. Designed to stand out on the shelf and for easier product identification, flavors are identified by color-coding along the bottle’s neck.

Stoli began rolling out the new design worldwide in November, including the flagship Stoli Vodka and its full range of flavors, with full distribution planned by early 2016.