Our First Look at Monster Hydro

Monster Energy

Retailers were pleasantly surprised by their first look at Monster Energy’s newest addition, the long-awaited Monster Hydro, which made its debut at Winsight’s Convenience Retailing University conference in Glendale, Ariz., this week.

Following a slow six months for energy-drink sales, a lot is riding on the line extension, which moves Monster into the enhanced-water space for the first time.

Here’s a look at the new product …

Monster Hydro

Monster Hydro will launch in March in at least two flavors: Tropical Thunder and Mean Green. Most striking is the packaging, a clear plastic bottle that maintains the familiar shape of Monster’s 16.9-ounce cans.

Each bottle contains 125 milligrams of caffeine from all sources, less than the 140 milligrams in a 16-ounce can of regular Monster Energy Drink.

According to the bottle, Monster Hydro is “noncarbonated, slightly sweetened with natural falvors to make it thirst quenching and easy-drinking. We added just enough of the ‘Monster magic’ to get you fired up. The container is cool too, just don’t call it water.”

Monster Hydro label

The introduction of Monster Hydro follows a slow rollout of Monster Mutant, a Mountain Dew-like drink that moved Monster into the carbonated-soft-drink space.

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