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New Image Global, Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of cigars and cigar wraps continues to bring quality products to the consumers with its Royal Blunts cigar line.  Royal Blunts boasts two products receiving raving reviews from all test markets with the introduction of Royal Blunts Cigarillos and 2XXL Cigar Wraps Kush Flavor Collection.  2XXL Cigar Wraps have been growing in popularity among consumers, with its extra large wraps offering consumers twice the product for the cost of one now is available in a Kush Collection.  

"Royal Blunts Cigars"  will be a favorite among consumers just as their EZ Roll line, which continues as a forerunner in the industry offering a variety of exotic flavors. The cigarillos will be available in five flavors-blueberry, sour apple, natural, wet mango and purple haze.   “2XXL Cigar Wraps” offers two very large cigar wraps in a sleek, innovative, attractive foil fresh re-sealablepouch.  The two large cigar wraps can easily be four cigar wraps in one.  As with their signature Royal Blunts line, this new Kush Flavor Collection product is available kush Kush , blueberry Kush, wet mango Kush, sour apple Kush, naked Kush, peach Kush, purple haze Kush and white grape Kush.  The Kush Flavor Collection is the first among a series of signature product lines that will be introduced this year.

For over a decade, New Image Global, Inc. has been a frontrunner in the tobacco wraps industry.  Both Royal Blunts Cigars and 2XXL Cigar Wraps will  continue to deliver creative packaging backed-up by the signature innovative marketing campaigns you’ve come to expect from New Image Global, Inc.  They have launch a massive marketing program to engage consumers and retailers.

New Image Global, Inc. is known for exceptional quality control, streamlined creation of innovative products and product freshness guarantee available in several exotic flavors.  This comprehensive level of support places them at the forefront of the competitive market as they continue to offer dynamic media campaigns and unprecedented growth in the European Union and around the world.

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